If you are troubled to know about the steps involved in the extender.linksys.com setup, then this post can help you. Before we initiate our discussion on the extender setup process, let know more about the Linksys Extender. It is a networking device that helps to fix the troubles of the network, dead zones, etc. Linksys Wifi Range Extender amplifies the wifi signals from access point or router, before sending it to the use. This amplification boosts up the signal strength and makes them approachable to the far end of the network.

Here, we are going to discuss the simple guidelines that will let you complete the extender.linksys.com setup to boost up the signal strength. So, enhance your wireless network coverage with the extender set up and enjoy the uninterrupted interrupt services through the network coverage area.

Linksys Extender Setup

How to complete the Linksys WiFi Extender Setup?

You can complete the extender setup using the offline page extender.linksys.com. But here you need to remember one thing that you can not access the extender setup page in online mode. Below are the steps to follow to complete the extender setup:

  • Start by plugging in your Linksys extender to a power outlet.

  • Now, for the Linksys WiFi Extender setup, open the web browser and type extender.linksys.com in the address bar.

  • If you are unable to see the setup page on the screen, you can change the web browser and try another.

  • On the Extender Setup Page, you will be asked if you want to configure the Linksys Wifi Extender.

  • Click on the ‘Range Extender’ option or ‘Access Point; as per your requirement.

  • In case your web page goes off in between, try refreshing your web browser.

  • Follow the online instructions and complete your Extender setup process. 

  • At last, the setup page will be automatically closed.

These simple guidelines will let you complete the Linksys extender setup. If you are having trouble setting up your extender or you are unable to connect to the setup page, get in touch with the experts and seek their assistance to fix the concern.

The Bottom Line

Linksys Wifi Range Extenders are popular for boosting the current wifi signals coming from the router. The installation and setup of Linksys Extender are pretty simple as by following these simple aforementioned guidelines you can easily complete it, so follow the steps carefully and complete the process without any hassle. Once you are done, you will be free from networking issues and you can enjoy using internet services without any trouble.

Facing troubles with your Linksys Extender?

You may face issues with the Linksys wifi extender setup. In that scenario, resetting the extender can help you to fix the concern. Below are the simple steps you need to follow to reset your extender: 

  • Use extender.linksys.com to access the extender setup.

  • Enter the login credentials to open the setup page.

  • Choose the Administrative option.

  • Click on Factory Default.

  • Click the ‘Management’ option.

  • Find the Restore Configuration option.

  • Save the settings.