Linksys Velop setup with router

Linksys Extender SetupLinksys Velop is a revolutionary networking device that provides users with fast internet connectivity and impregnable security. In order to complete the Linksys Velop setup with router, you will require the Linksys Velop Package ( you can go with a single node or purchase a pair of three). You can also connect the three nodes or more to the one Velop Mesh. Desire to connect more? Well! For that, you need to create another network. Othe things that you will need to complete the Linksys Velop setup with router is an Ethernet port in your Modem or Router. After that, you are supposed to download the Linksys application from the supported app store on your device. 

Setting Up Linksys Velop: Initial Setup Process

To initiate the process, plug-in one of the Velop Node. Connect to the power supply and attach the network cables to turn on the node, it will show you the Blue Color.  The Velop node will be booted, once it does, you need to install the Linksys Application on your smartphone device. Once you have installed the app, follow the guidelines given below for Setting Up Linksys Velop, and complete the  process: 

  • Tap the Setup button and the application will start searching for the first node. 
  • The light on the Node will turn to Purple and this means that the application has successfully located your device. 
  •  Hit the ‘Next’ button and you will be prompted for creating an account to connect with ‘Mesh Network’. 
  • The next screen appears on your screen will ask you to provide the WiFi network name and create the password. Create a password using the number, characters, and special symbol in the combination. 
  • Set Node name as per the Node Location. If the default options do not fit, you can also set a unique name.
  • Your first node setup is now complete. In the next screen, you can add further nodes and complete the process. 

Add Another Node

If you want to add the other node for Linksys Velop Installation, you can go with the instructions on Linksys Velop Application. The Velop will help you with this, all you need to do is let your application know when the node light is purple. When the light is purple, set the name for your node.  The main Velop Node will share the configuration with other nodes and take about 20 minutes and your 3 node setup will be completed and running. 

Linksys Velop Setup with Router is the most prominent choice to access the internet in big buildings without switching the network. The node allows the users to stay connected to the internet until the user wants to add more than three nodes. The users will be surely amazed by the speed, transmitting capabilities of the Linksys Velop. 

So, these are the simple steps you need to follow for the Linksys Velop Setup with router. The mentioned steps are very simple and easy to follow. However, if still there is any problem, you can contact the expert and take their advice to complete the process.